Hollywood Walk of Fame

Gerald Mohr StarAt present there is no Star for Gerald Mohr on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is a glaring omission considering his seeming qualification in three of the five Star Categories (Motion Picture, Television, and Radio. The other categories are Recording and Live Theatre/Performance.) Fan Linda C. Wood is spearheading an effort to see that Mr. Mohr is awarded his star in the category of Radio.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a permanent monument to achievement in the entertainment industry. It is administered by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and maintained with moneys from the Hollywood Historic Trust. The most frequent question to Chamber personnel is "Why doesn't _____ have a star?"

Each year honorees are selected by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Walk of Fame Selection Committee. Anyone can submit the name of an individual involved in the entertainment field for nomination, even a fan. However the nomination must be approved by the Nominee or his representative.

Nominees must have been involved in the entertainment industry for at least five years. Posthumous nominees must have been deceased for at least five years. Each year one posthumous star is awarded each year.

There is currently a $30,000 fee, payable upon selection of the awardee. The fee is collected to pay for creation and installation of the star. The fee is usually paid by the nominating organization, often the company or studio that the celebrity is working for, a fan club, or the sponsor of the celebrity's current project.


Gerald Mohr has yet to be honored by the Walk of Fame for his contributions to the Entertainment Industry