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Gearld MohrDepending on the source of information, Gerald Mohr appeared in 400 or 4000 radio plays (I have seen the figure listed as 5000). It would be hard to find a more prolific or diversified radio actor from the Golden Age.

Whatever your interest in Old Time Radio, it will be enhanced by reviewing the radio work of Gerald Mohr. Through an appreciation of one man's body of work, we are able to better appreciate the collaborative effort that resulted in the Golden Age of Radio. Mohr had the lead role on many programs, but he put the same quality of performance into character and supporting roles. From his early work in serials through hi riveting adventures as Philip Marlowe, Mohr helps to reflect his times, often in ways that we hope to see ourselves.

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Experience the career of Gerald Mohr during the period he learns the craft of acting and storytelling through the Golden Age of Radio.